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Frequently Asked Questions



Q: Where does Dorsata Honey come from? 

A: Dorsata Honey is harvested from the rainforest of Peninsular Malaysia

Q: Is Dorsata Honey raw, wild and pure rainforest honey?

A: Dorsata Honey is wild honey harvested from the rainforest of Malaysia. No added sugar, no pasteurization. It remains raw and pure. Our honey undergoes light filtering before being bottled. In addition, our honey is MATURE, having only primary sugars and no secondary sugars present.

Q: What is the difference between the Classic (aka Dorsata) Collection and Rock Collection? 

A: The Classic collection, Royal, Gold and Dark Premium Honey are harvested from trees whereas the Tualang Rock Honey (Bitter/Sweet) and Trigona Rock Honey are harvested from the caves and rocky cliffs.

Rock Honey has lower moisture and is jelly like in texture. It possesses higher phenolic content than honey from the trees. It is less sweet, with a tinge of bitterness and is best taken neat. Honey harvested from trees is fluid but mature and more viscous. It can be used in various ways such as applying on your skin, wounds and added into your meals.

Q: How can we ensure that Dorsata Honey is pure?

A: Dorsata Honey is lab tested at UNIPEQ, UKM yearly. It is tested for quality, safety, microbe and phenolics content.


Q: How much honey should I take daily?

A: We recommend a maximum of 2 tablespoons a day, one in the morning and one at night. The quantity of intake of honey varies with your body mass and level of physical activities. Honey has a protective feature, if one overeats, one will feel like vomiting.

Q: Can I use a metal spoon to scoop the honey?

A: Honey is acidic and may react to a low-grade metal spoon. Avoid metal spoons, use wooden or porcelain spoons.

Q: Can children take honey?

A: Children below 1.5 years of age should not consume raw honey. This is due to infant botulism.

Q: Can I mix honey in hot water?

A: Use warm water below 40 degrees Celsius. Hot water will destroy the nutritional properties in the honey.

Q: Can diabetic patients consume honey?

A: Researchers have found that mature, rainforest honey like Dorsata Honey significantly lowers blood glucose level after regular consumption. Our customers have testified to it. As there is no presence of disaccharide (secondary sugars) in Dorsata Honey, it is safe for diabetic patients to consume in amounts sufficient only for the level of energy required for the day. Seek doctor's advice for the right amount.


Q: How should I store the honey? Can I Keep it in the refrigerator? 
A: Store the honey in a cool and dry place. Do not keep it in the refrigerator. This is to avoid condensation in the honey. 


Q: Does pure honey attract ants?

A: Yes. At times, ants are also found in the hives. There is partial truth that pure honey does not attract ants. Honey needs to protect itself from its predator. However, due to humidity in the environment and change of moisture content in honey, it may attract ants. When moisture in honey increases, it releases scent molecules when it evaporates, thus attracting ants. Honey stored in humid locations attract ants easier as the ants pick up scents faster. Ants go for the nutrients in honey too.

Q: Why does my honey look sugary?

A: When you start to see the honey divide into two layers and form a sugary texture (crystals), the honey is experiencing a process called crystallization. Crystallization occurs in raw, unpasteurized honey.

When honey is raw, the enzyme is actively drying up the water content causing crystallization to occur. In lightly filtered honey, there is an abundance of pollen. These pollen provide surface for glucose to granulate, triggering crystallization.

Q: Will eating too much honey increase my sugar level and make me diabetic?

A: As a protective measure, honey causes one to vomit if one overindulges in its sweetness. Diabetes is caused by a host of reasons such as sedentary lifestyle and indulging in wrong food. Eating mature honey in controlled amounts and living a balanced lifestyle can lower blood glucose level.


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