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Founder Forward

founder forward dorsata honey

In 2014, during one of the bleakest political situations in Malaysia, the desire to love Malaysia rang loud and clear. A group of us, born and bred in Malaysia rallied together to advocate love for Malaysia, the land and the people, by helping Malaysia to thrive again. Together with my family and friends, we arose to counter the negatives with love and appreciation of what we already have.

We discovered that Malaysia was endowed with one of the oldest rainforests containing one of its most prized produce - the medicinal rainforest honey - used throughout centuries for healing various ailments. This drove us to uphold the legacy in educating the public by empowering them with the knowledge and wonders of honey. We studied, researched and experimented on our local honey.

When my youngest son's face was burnt with burning hot oil, we saw the potent healing power of honey when his face was healed without any scars in a short span of seven days. Thus, Dorsata Honey was birthed.

By promoting and endorsing our rainforest honey, we are declaring our deep pride and gratitude for how our land has abundantly provided for us. We embarked on educating the young and old on building green immunology via forest honey. We aspire to encourage all generations to return to wholesome nutrition as nature intended it to be. In doing so, we are, thus, loving the people of Malaysia, cultivating the correct nourishment lifestyle, and discovering the importance of honey.

Honey, a perfect gift from loving parents to the young and from children to their elderly parents, siblings and friends. Dorsata Honey, a gift of nature from God to the families of Malaysia and of the world!


Serena Loh
Dorsata Honey Founder