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Dorsata Honey, High in Plant Phenolics

Your Key To Optimal Health

In our honey, there are EXTRAORDINARILY HIGH LEVELS of plant phenolics.

What are Plant Phenolics?

Plant phenolics or Polyphenols consist of phenolic acids and flavonoids. They   are naturally occurring in the resin of the tree, the bark, the leaves, nectar, pollen and fruits. These phenols are the chemical compound that gives plants, trees and fruits its colour.

What Do Plant Phenolics Do?

Plant phenolics are the defense mechanism of the plants. They protect the plants from viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites. When transferred into honey, it defends our body, playing the role of antioxidants, antimicrobials, antibacterial and anti-inflammation. This prevents the advancement of chronic diseases.

How High is Dorsata Honey’s Level of Plant Phenolics?

We refer to a research led by Professor Gan Siew Hua of Monash University and her team on Comparison of Phenolic Content and Antioxidant Properties Between 11 Tualang Honey Samples. Their conclusion was the mean average of Phenolic Content in Tualang Honey is 53.33mg per 100g of Tualang Honey

Source: Research Gate

Graph source: Research Gate Page 5

In comparison, Dorsata Honey has far higher total polyphenol content than the ones researched. It is easily 17 to 189 times more!

Dorsata’s Total Polyphenol Content

Table 1: Total Polyphenol Content Present in the Honey (mg/100g)

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Thus  the abundance of Phenolics in Dorsata Honey is the key to optimal and balanced health. This is why our customers have experienced and testified to this healing power!