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My Honey is Turning Into Sugar Crystals, is it Fake?

Have you ever opened a jar of honey only to find it has become thick and grainy, leading you to question its purity? You're not alone. Many of our customers, just like the one above, have shared similar concerns, prompting us to shed light on a natural phenomenon often misunderstood: honey crystallization.

People often mistake crystallized honey for honey that has been adulterated with added sugar, especially because of how the texture of the honey changes from a thick liquid to semi-solid sugar crystals. However, the truth is that crystallization is a sign of purity, not contamination. 


What is Honey Crystallization?

When pure honey sits for a while on your kitchen shelf, it most likely will undergo a process called crystallization. This happens because pure honey contains two types of simple sugars, fructose and glucose. Fructose itself does not crystallize, but at times when the concentration of glucose is higher than fructose, it tends to reach a saturation point to crystallize. Some crystallized honeys are semi-liquid with crystals formed, whereas others may have the water fully evaporated, leaving it fully crystallized.

Does the Quality of Crystallized Honey Change?

Absolutely not. The quality of crystallized honey remains unchanged as long as you have kept it in a cool, dry place and have not contaminated it. You can still enjoy its remarkable benefits, whether it's in its liquid form or crystallized state. We have conducted lab tests on our crystallized royal honey at UKM, Unipeq, and the results were consistent with those of non-crystallized honey.

Can Crystallized Honey Still be Consumed?
Yes! Some people enjoy the spreadable texture of crystallized honey as it makes a good spread on their morning toast. However, if you prefer it in liquid form, you can place your jar in a pot of warm water with a temperature not more than 40 degrees Celsius to allow the crystals to melt. Whichever way you choose to enjoy it, rest assured that the nutritional integrity and purity of your honey remains intact!

The next time you discover your honey has crystallized, remember, it's a testament to the purity and quality of your honey, and not an indication of impurities. So don't throw it out, but go ahead and indulge in its nutritional goodness!

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