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Brand Story

brand story dorsata honey 

Produced by Apis Dorsata, a type of wild primitive bees in the pristine rainforest of Malaysia  (fourth oldest in the world), Dorsata Honey encapsulates the richness of the amazing biodiversity found therein.

Packed with phytonutrients, every drop nourishes, rejuvenates and brings health and healing to the body. Dorsata Honey is carefully and lovingly harvested to protect the bee colonies in the wild, hence ensuring sustainability and preservation of Malaysia’s forest as a heritage for the future generations.

Handled with care and love, Dorsata Honey is the purest wild honey with natural sweetness. It undergoes stringent testing and constant researching to ensure its efficacy and consistency. Dorsata Honey also symbolizes a form of support towards the local produce, helping to steer the local economy and bring prosperity to the nation.

Being cost-effective and sustainable, Dorsata Honey is definitely the go-to approach towards achieving optimal health, hence making it a perfect gift for loved ones


To educate people and the future generation about the potential of pure, raw, wild and mature honey for our body. Encourage people to nourish the way nature has intended it to be.


To equip and realize one’s fullest potential by laying a strong foundation in optimal health through building green immunity via rainforest honey.


Family and friends have played a united vital role in contributing their time talents to this prized business. the relentless effort hours that invested has elevated dorsata honey greater heights what it is today. brand sought after trusted by many. indeed superior team from harvesters lab scientists researchers educators marketeers consumers.