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Sports & Energy Package
Sports & Energy Package
Sports & Energy Package
Sports & Energy Package
Sports & Energy Package
Sports & Energy Package
Sports & Energy Package
Sports & Energy Package

Sports & Energy Package

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Introducing Dorsata Honey's "Sports & Energy Package"

This Package Consists of:

Medium Package:
✅ Dorsata Trigona Rock Honey 300g x 1
✅ Dorsata Royal Honey 300g x 1
✅ Wild Trigona Honey 45g x 1 (free gift)

Large Package:
✅ Dorsata Trigona Rock Honey 700g x 1
✅ Dorsata Royal Honey 700g x 1
✅ Wild Trigona Honey 45g x 1 (free gift)

The “Sports & Energy Package” is for people experiencing the following:
⭕️ Nutritional deficiencies
⭕️ Respiratory issues
⭕️ Constant Fatigue & Exhaustion
⭕️ Experiencing mood swings 
⭕️ Sleep disorder
⭕️ Joint & cartilage problems
⭕️ Weakened immunity of the body 
⭕️ Muscle crams

With Dorsata Rock Honey,

🐝 100% Wild, Raw, Mature Forest & Cave Honey

🐝 Superior level of Polyphenols - Medicinal Compounds in Plants

🐝 0 Added Chemicals and Artificial Sugar

🐝 Rich in Minerals and Vitamins

This “Energy & Sports Package” can help to:

Fuel your body for a workout

Increased Focus and Mental Clarity

Maintain energy levels for longer periods

Lesser Mood Swings

Improved Immunity and Metabolism 

Repair muscles after exercise


All you need is to follow the following guide:
In The Morning, During Breakfast: 1 Tablespoon of Royal Honey

30 Minutes Before Bed: 1 Tablespoon of Trigona Rock Honey

(Refer to the image for spoon reference)

How to Buy the “Sports & Energy Package”:

Select your Sports & Energy Package👇

Medium Bundle (Up to 60 days consumption)

Large Bundle (Up to 140 days consumption)

Click on “ADD TO CART”

Click on “BUY IT NOW”

You can make the payment with the following options:
Option 1: Click on Billplz and make payment via online banking
Option 2: E-wallet


Your “Insomnia Therapy Package” will be at your doorstep as the timing below:
West Msia: 2-4 working days
East Msia: 4-7 working days

Get your “Insomnia Therapy Package” Today

and finally, get the good night’s sleep that your body needs 💪


Q: What makes Dorsata Honey different than other honey out there?

  • 100% Wild, harvested from the trees, rocky cliffs, and caves in the deep oldest rainforest of Malaysia
  • Superior Level of Polyphenols Content, from 17 to 190 times higher than ordinary honey. Polyphenols are plant compounds that have high medicinal value
  • 100% Unprocessed, unpasteurized, raw
  • ZERO Sugar and ZERO Chemicals Added

Q: Are there any other benefits from consuming Dorsata Honey?

Yes. On top of improving sleep issues…

Trigona Rock Honey Helps:

  • Strengthen respiratory system
  • Assist liver to metabolize food and fats better, increasing digestive ability
  • A prebiotic food, promoting good bowel movement
  • Improves metabolic rate
  • Generate nutrition for major body organs during recovery cycle at night
  • Potent anti-cancer ability, assist in chemotherapy

Royal Honey Helps:

  • Promote growth and regeneration of tissue and cells of the body
  • Regulate menstrual cycle
  • Promote healthier skin and hair
  • Regulate blood sugar level (suitable for people with Type 2 Diabetes)
  • Slow down the hardening of arteries

Q: "I have some questions, who can I talk to?"

You may contact our Dorsata Honey Consultant on WhatsApp HERE

Q: Does this work for people who have diabetes?

Yes, Dorsata Honey is suitable for people who have diabetes.

Dorsata Honey is pleased to inform you that we are already certified according to the following standards. Please click the CERTIFICATIONS PAGE to view our certification for 2023/2024.