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Our Malaysian Rainforest Honey Is Truly Extraordinary

Our Malaysian Rainforest is truly extraordinary. The World's Oldest Rainforest, Malaysia is 1 out of only 12 countries that possesses a vast diversity of medicinal and aromatic plants.

The magnitude of diverse plants yields a vast spectrum of polyphenols that in the human body supports cell revitalization, catalysts in bone density improvement, protects DNA against damage, fights against presence of cancer, removes toxins, improves liver metabolism functions, improves nutrition levels and enhances our immune system against many diseases. The key to gathering and transferring the therapeutic polyphenols from plants to food needed by man lies in the industry of the gigantic wild bees.

Living freely in the wild and knowing what's best in the rainforest, wild Dorsata bees are the agents that can help extract the abundance of phenols from nature at zero cost. Their large bodies enable them to forage a greater area of the rainforest compared to other honey bees.These bees  traverse vast territories to gather the various pollens and nectar enriched with polyphenols found in different seasons across the rainforest of Malaysia and countries nearby. Abundance of polyphenols in wild honey is the key to optimal and balanced health.